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Ambos Mundos
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Founded in 1995 in Havana with the aim of providing a wide view of Cuban Culture. They perform various songs from Cuba with different styles: Son, Yoruba, Rumba, Bolero.

The group has some theatre activities based mainly upon Afro-Cuban legends and poetry in Spanish and French, with a repertoire suitable for both adults and children.

Tania Nerfin - lead vocals
Eduardo Jímenez - tres &trumpet
Reynaldo Zayas - guitar &vocals
Alfredo Somoza - double bass
David Nerfin - percussion &vocals


Músicas y Leyendas Yorubas de Cuba (live Music 4 All, 1996)

Clasicones del Son (live Music 4 All, 1998)

Ella Cantaba Boleros (live Music 4 All, 1999)

Son de Hoy (live Music 4 All, 2001)

¡A Bailar! (live Music 4 All, 2001)

Pasión Turca. E-mail: David Nerfin, Phone: (+41) 76 330 48 74.