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Ángel Carrión is an author, composer, performer, musician and poet. He is foremost, an acute observer, an indefatigable maker, a nonconformist with the world that surrounds him and a cultural transgressor through his music and words as an art. His music addresses an alternative vision from those domesticated by the mass media. Ángel Carrión is a man and an artist of the 21st century, soft spoken, creative, dynamic and intelligent, with warm voice and captivating music. His artistic work had crossed frontiers and overcome language barriers, achieving to cheer, touch and exalt the human spirit.

Initially known as Angel Javier, his first album En cada lugar was a radio success. Sales sustained the album on Billboard magazine's "Top Latin Albums" chart for a whole year (1990-1991), including position No.1, on March 1991. Through the years, his work has gain the public's admiration and the respect of his colleagues. He has been highly acclaimed by industry experts and musicians, such as, Josep Mas "Kitflús," pianist and Musical Director of Joan Manuel Serrat (who collaborated with him on his album Sonidos urbanos), who found on him that blend of ingenuity, talent and sensibility that few possess and that distinguishes the true creative artist.

Born in San Juan, Ángel Carrión had traveled and lived in various countries, where he arrived with a guitar in hand, and departed full of diverse experiences exposed through his songs. For this reason perhaps, the music of this citizen of the world is a sample of the emergence of a song of the city, which reflects his own but could be considered anyone's city. In these times of globalization where messages travel faster than messengers, Ángel Carrión's music represents the spirit of cultural and human convergence that is appreciated on the works from great music creators.

Ángel Carrión's compositions are an exploration of the human being set off from within, based on a confrontation with the external world. From here, love, solitude, sadness and joy integrate poetically in the profound form of assuming the song with happiness and real shatter, guiding the reintegration of the human condition to the attitude of living art as a second nature. Both Being and Song will appear here, thus as that conscience that needs to express and uses its voice for the benefit of other human beings, in this world, in a society and a time where silence results irremediable and lack of participation is inadmissible.

Angel Carrion’s Sonidos Urbanos reaches the multi-ethnic urban environment reflected in many societies around the world and introduces a refreshing fusion of diverse musical rhythms. Some prestigious collaborators on this album included: Joan Manuel Serrat’s Musical Director, Josep Mas, on the piano, on the ballad song “Para Qué Sirve” (“What Is It For”), and on the reggae song title “Ni Mejor Ni Peor” (“Neither Better Nor Worse”), back up by Franky Pérez, Ricky Martin’s sax player, among others.


En Cada Lugar (EMI Latin, 1990)

Siempre Contigo (EMI Latin)

Historias de Azul o Gris (EMI Latin)

Sonidos Urbanos

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