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Caspian hat dance
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"You arrive just as the sun is setting and the landscape is getting dark. You wonder briefly how you ended up at a remote village wedding in Romania but can't seem to remember. Half the guests are crying, half are laughing, most are drinking and every last one is dancing.

The bride is delirious, the moon is gently relentless and the tambourines are spinning you around and around. The musicians play for hours on end, stopping occasionally only to suck on a bleeding finger. At first it looks like chaos. It's irresponsibly happy, carefully painful music. Yet, it's really just chaos. You are vaguely aware of someone's legs getting tired, and it doesn't seem to matter any more that your memories are sad. Just before you pass out under a tree, you hear yourself mutter a phrase you never heard before: Caspian Hat Dance ..."

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We say no talk (2008)


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