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Baklava, from Skopje, Macedonia, plays music that could be best described as traditional Macedonian folk music played with traditional instruments, but infused with contemporary sensibility. This sound was crafted through their many live performances and concerts which culminated in the recording of live album "Baklava" (Skopje Jazz Festival Records, 2007) this contains both traditional songs and its own compositions.

Elena Hristova - vocal, kaval (wooden pipe)

Plays a variety of instruments. Trained in opera, choral and traditional folk singing which lately has been her primary passion. Constantly in search of new and fresh sounds, she has taken part in various projects, albums and has played in many countries throughout Europe.

Nikola Nikolov - tambura

Plays multiple instruments. The tambura has come as a natural progression from his primary instrument, the guitar, introducing utterly new and contemporary elements in his style of playing. Previously, he has been a member of a variety of bands (heavy metal, funk, rock). Currently, he is also the guitar player in the jazz-band "Plan B".

Aleksandar Stamatov - tambura

Student of the great maestro of traditional Macedonia folk music, Pece Atanasovski. His style comes closest to the traditional style of playing. Unwavering in his sound, it is telling that he has never been curious about other instruments. He has been a guest on a great variety of music projects.

Dejan Sibinovski - def

ASnother student of Pece Atanasovski. He is self-taught in the tef, learning from watching and hearing Turkish dervishes, but owing his prowess mostly to Sabit Tahiri. He also plays multiple instruments. Like the others, he has also taken part in a wide range of projects, as well as collaborated with various performers.

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Baklava (Skopje Jazz Festival Records, 2006)


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