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Arrefole is a Portuguese folk band that plays music which is rooted in Portugal's 800 years of history and traditions that trail back to Medieval times. The name of the band comes from arre, which is a Portuguese [and Spanish] commanding word for inciting beasts, mules and other animals, usually used in helping agricultural tasks like pulling carts, ploughs and other hardware. Fole is the translation for bag, related to the bagpipe.

Since their gathering, the sole goal of these musicians was to create music. Wherever their influences would lead them, it would always be their music and, as such, a rightful representation of their culture.

Born in an urban environment, the band recreates a listening experience overlapping a rural background. Their quest for instruments lost in time, contrasts with the use of those that just lie around, from which they cannot escape. They are forever stuck between tradition and modernity, between a time they insist is not yet over and a new one they are certain has already begun.

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Veiculo Climatizado (A?or Records, 2006)

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