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Salim Al'Nur and Elias Shasha

In the 1950s, large numbers of Iraqi Jews emigrated to Israel. Among them were highly acclaimed musicians. The classical Arabic sound these musicians brought with them was rejected by the European-American trend dominant in Israel at the time. 

Salim Al'Nur (born in Baghdad in 1920) emigrated to Israel in 1950 and made a living as an engineer, a profession he had learned in Lebanon and Turkey. He continued composing and playing, but only for close friends and circles or Iraqi immigrants longing for the music of their former homeland. An entire musical tradition would have been lost if the IBA (Israel Broadcasting Authority) Arabic Orchestra had not been established. 

Ezra Aharon, Zuzu Musa, Daoud Akram and their friends faithfully preserved the tradition of classical Arabic music. More than that, they recorded many original compositions by former Iraqi musicians who were now Israelis. While this was true for the years leading up to and including the seventies, Israel today is a multicultural society, aware of its geographic location in the Middle Eastern music as well as the original compositions of Salim Al'Nur.

Salim the engineer is an analytical composer. His music meticulously adheres to the rules of classical Arabic music, however, its unique beauty lies in the very manner in which it disobeys those rules. Love, imagination and a confident stride characterize the way Salim lures classical Arabic sound onto a new path between intellect and emotion.

By Schlomo Israeli

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