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Four friends Oljeg, Juri, Viktor and Fedia, who have widely traveled, are on the way throughout Europe. Although they were born somewhere in Germany, the spirited and lively soul of their ancestors from Machorka-Tabakistan still runs through their veins. Their mission: to make the world westward of Kamtschatka and Wladiwostok aware of the unique music culture of their native island. Their weapons: balalaika, contrabass-balalaika, accordion, drums and a voice which will move every single inch of your body. It does not take more than a few beats until the crowd is dancing enthusiastic and no one in the audience can get away from the vibes. It is music where the audience gets goose bumps and no one can stay seated. It is music which is most of the time powerful but which can be at times melancholy.

Apparatschik is the first and most popular project of the German 'Russian-Party-Scene'. The four comrades are carrying the 'Russki-Party-Vibes' very successful throughout Germany and its neighboring countries since 1988. Appartschik is filling small and huge music halls with their high-spirited mix of Russian folk music, ska, rock and polka.

After the success of the first album Apparatschik (released in 1994), the band is more than an insider tip in many regions. With their current album ?Aurora? (2004) they remain true to their motto: Pulp Fiction meets Potemkin, a musical cocktail of tradition and modern times. It does not matter whatsoever they are playing: after the concert only two questions remain:

When is Apparatschik coming back and where on earth is Machorka-Tabakistan?

Band members:
Olj?g Matrosov (voc, balalaika)
Fedia Filipovich (drums)
Yuri Bajan (accordion, back-voc)
Viktor Skola (bass-balalaika, back-voc)




Official Web Site:

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c/o Vivian Peruth
Krossener Str. 1
10245 Berlin
Cell: +49(0)163 - 3125 127

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