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AndraLaMoussia is a world music group based in Jerusalem. "AndraLaMoussia means chaos in ancient Hebrew and, like our name, our music reflects the diverse cultural reality we live in."

AndraLaMoussia's members mix many different styles and traditions into their music, abstracting acoustic and universal truths. "By mixing, along with others, Jewish and Arabic, Turkish, Greek, Sufi and Gypsy music, our sound resonates with the tension and confusion prevalent in our Middle Eastern culture. In today's world cultural differences often lead to violent clashes, but we don't think that this need be the case. Our aim with AndraLaMoussia is to accentuate the many different traditions and by doing so to create a moment of true dialogue and unity in a modern tradition".

Ittai Binnun: Wind instruments (clarinet, ney, saxophones), baglama, vocal.
Dani Dromi: Guitars (classical, acoustic and electric), vocal.
Victor Ezus: Bass guitar, vocal.
Moshe Nuri: Percussion (darbukah, frame drums)
Uriel Sverdin: Drums (battery), caj?n.
Special guest : Nizar Rohana - oud.

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North America:
Marylin Gilbert Artist Management
416-410-8224 phone
416-846-6426 cell
416-651-7939 fax
7 Dhir Mews
Toronto, ON
Canada M6E 5B4

Rest of the world:
Ittai Binnun
11, shvil hatzufit, Jerusalem 95742, Israel
(972) 052-8586370

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