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Avatara describes her music as Goddess Folk Rock. She is an acoustic artista, raising conscious awareness through her original music. "Uplifting lyricism, angelic vocals and ambient acoustic guitar, Avatara invokes Sensory Healing, with songs reminding us of our Self-Sacredness, evoking images of Nature. The heart channel is tapped into through Heartstrings, awakening loving awareness and living divinity."

Describing Gypsy Life in Hippy America, her folk rock music "opens joy portals and sends chakra's spinning in light beings called humans." She is joined by lead acoustic guitarist Zak Panther.

Following her path as healer through music, Avatara opens the stages for talented artists like Copper Wimmin, Joules Graves, Tina Malia and Shimshai and the Natural Mystique Ensemble at various festivals.

"I open my heart and throat to sing the songs of the universe for divine. Awaken divinity within. Be love."

Official Web Site: www.avatarasong.com


Living Shrine


Nikky Avatara

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