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Angel Melendez & Orquesta Arallue
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Composer, arranger, instructor and trombonist, Angel Melendez is one of the most recognized musicians in Chicago, he leads a few popular Latin bands locally. The 21 piece, Grammy nominated 911 Mambo Orchestra, Orquesta Angelle & Tributo Lavoe and Orquesta Arallue, who have been known to move people to dance wherever they perform.

The band plays an array of Latin music from the modern tropical sounds of today ranging from Salsas, Boleros & Cha Cha Chas to the most traditional hard hitting Mambo of the 50?s. They play original arrangements by Angel Melendez and the music of Tito Puente, Eddie Palmieri, Tito Rodriguez, Perez Prado and FANIA records.

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