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Brian Dunning had been a professional flutist in Ireland, playing regular classical and jazz gigs, before moving to the United States in 1977 to study at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. "I remember hearing a flute solo on a tune by Them (with Van Morrison) when I was about 16." Dunning recalls, "and it really used to send me. But jazz became my love." So it's not surprising that Dunning's influences would include both classical master James Galway and jazz great Herbert Laws. But it was after hearing Micheal O Domhnaill and Kevin Burke playing duets at a music festival in Birmingham, Alabama that Dunning realized what direction his own music might take. "I jammed with Micheal there," he says, "and that really made me want to write music that had on Irish flavor but with the freedom of jazz."

From collaborating with bodhran player Tommy Hayes in a Celtic-tinged improvisational project called Puck Fair, Dunning and O Domhnaill settled into their long-term musical relationship in the influential Celtic band Nightnoise. He also collaborates on most of keyboardist Jeff Johnson's projects.

Brian Dunning has played with Louis Stewart, the Stan Tracey Octet, Leroy Vinegar, Van Morrison, Jaco Pastorius, Georgie Fame, Bobby Rosengarden, The Chieftains, Donal Lunny, Máire Breatneach and Andy Irvine.

He has also performed in numerous festivals around the world including the prestigious Cork Jazz Festival and throughout Ireland and in Japan with his band, Puck Fair. Their latest offering is Forgotten Carnival.

After living in Portland, Oregon (United States) for twelve years, he returned to Ireland, where he lives with his wife and three sons.


Nightnoise, with Nightnoise  (1984)

Something of Time, with Nightnoise  (1987)

Fair Play, with Puck Fair (Windham Hill WD1057, 1987)

At the End of the Evening, with Nightnoise  (1988)

The Parting Tide, with Nightnoise  (1990)

The Tale of Three Trees

Great Romantics, with Jeff Johnson (ArkMusic, 1991)

Shadow of Time, with Nightnoise  (1993)

Songs From Albion 2 (ArkMusic, 1994)

A Different Shore, with Nightnoise  (1995)

Psalmus, with Jeff Johnson with Janet Chvatal (ArkMusic, 1996)

The White Horse Sessions, with Nightnoise (1997)

Celtic Legends: Bard & Warrior, with Jeff Johnson (Windham Hill, 1997)

Navigatio, with Jeff Johnson with Janet Chavtal (ArkMusic, 1997)

Prayers Of St. Brendan - The Journey Home, with Jeff Johnson (Hearts Of Space/1998)

Byzantium-The Book of Kells & St. Aidan's Journey, with Jeff Johnson (ArkMusic, 2000)

A Quiet Knowing Christmas

The Memory Tree, with Jeff Johnson (ArkMusic, 2002)

Benediction, with Jeff Johnson, Jozef Lupták & John Fitzpatrick (ArkMusic, 2002)

Patrick (ArkMusic, 2003)

The Katurran Odyssey (Hearts of Space, 2004)

Stars In The Morning East - A Christmas Meditation (ArkMusic, 2005)

Vespers - light into Light, with Jeff Johnson with Janet Chvatal (ArkMusic, 2005)

King Raven Vols. 1-3 (ArkMusic, 2008)

Journey Prayers, with Jeff Johnson (ArkMusic, 2009)

Standing Still, with Jeff Johnson (ArkMusic, 2007)

Forgotten Carnival, with Puck Fair (Jacordi Music, 2008)

Antiphon, with Coram Deo Ensemble (ArkMusic, 2011)

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