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Anath at Satalla in 2003. Photo by Martin Micka, courtesy of Satalla.

A singer, dancer and actress, Anath has recorded and performed in all three capacities throughout Europe and the Middle East, singing in French, Hebrew, Arabic and English.

Born of Tunisian descent and raised in Israel and France, Anath is now a New Yorker by choice. Yet, she downplays her unique heritage and upbringing. "I come from Africa, Asia and Europe and I'm at home in New York. I guess that makes me a typical New Yorker," she says.

Formally trained in music and dance since age six, Anath has already had a globe-trotting career. As a former member of the French gypsy pop band Fiesta Mora, Anath recorded two albums and had an international smash hit with the song "Alabina." The hit resulted in extensive touring across Europe, Morocco, Egypt and Tunisia. In 2000, Anath joined the cast of French musical "The Ten Commandments." An unprecedented success in French musical theater, the nightly production sold out Paris's four-thousand seat Palais Des Sports Arena for four consecutive months.

No longer a wanderer herself, Anath is still exploring with her music. "The songwriting process is always surprising for me. I'm influenced by so many styles. I never know what's going to pop up in the music," she explains. Among her array of influences, Anath counts everything from classic Egyptian artists like Farid El Atrash and Umm Kulthum to Chanson Francaise artists like Claude Nougaro and British pop by the likes of Brian Ferry and Kate Bush.

Anath's music can also be heard in film. In 2001, Anath contributed two songs to the "La Verite Si Je Mens II" soundtrack. The film was one of France's biggest box office blockbusters of the year.

Anath brings her Tunisian roots to her music on her five song EP on CD, titled Rapture. Anath's influences on the album range from Sade to Fairuz and Natacha Atlas. The most appealing songs for the world music audience are "Fly," where she mixes Sade-style vocals with Arabic arrangements, and "Rapture," which seems like it was inspired by Natacha Atlas' belly dance-meets electronica sound.  

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Rapture (Red Lullaby, 2006)