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The Amazing Grace Praise Band is a string instrumental band with its musical roots in the Jewell Dominion Church of the Living God which was founded in 1903. Unlike most churches, the Steel Guitar reigns and dominates as the lead instrument of praise and worship not the Hammond B-3 or Keyboard. The Steel Guitar is considered to be a divine instrument of praise used exclusively for temple worship. Sacred Steel Guitar Music is a combination of soulful, spirit rising, and sanctified sounds that is guaranteed to inspire any listener.

The Amazing Grace Praise Band was born out of the desire to preserve this unique sound and style of sacred steel guitar music. "We are one of the few organized praise bands to venture outside of the church using this sacred music as a vehicle to spread the Gospel message of Jesus Christ. Until now this music has been like a hidden treasure in the earth and to the gospel music industry for over sixty years. This new species of sacred steel guitar music is referred to as a rare find in the American music culture.

Many styles of music were brought over from Africa and were established in America. Much like Jazz and Blues, Sacred Steel music was born on American soil. Its unique style was developed and played by African Americans and is part of our little known history in this country.

The Church of the Living God (Jewell Dominion) sacred music tradition was one of the few things that they could claim ownership of in the early to mid 1900?s during a time of racism and discrimination. The church?s leadership felt that taking the music outside of the churches control would jeopardize the sacredness of the music. Others feared the possibility of the music being compromised or exploited, thus losing its identity which was established in the church.

"Our deep-seated love and respect for the music and for those who blazed this sacred trail before us, is what motivates us to pursue this endeavor as we pick up where our mentors left off. Our goal is to make a difference in the lives of people as we use the power of music to minister to the masses. Our mission is to use our music as a vehicle to carry the gospel message of Jesus Christ to a lost and hurting world. To communicate God?s unconditional love while offering salvation and hope through our Blessed hope, Jesus Christ our hope of glory.

Unlike many of our mentors we refuse to allow another generation to take this Sacred Steel Guitar Music to their graves without attempting to inspire and impact the world. Our assignment is to expose this music as we shine a positive light on the origin of this fast growing musical phenomenon known today as ?Sacred Steel? Music."


Glorius Triumph (2004)

Let The Praise Begin (2006)

2009 Sacred Strings Musical Tour (2009)

Sacred Strings at Higher Praise Ministries (2010)

Official Web Site:

Del Ray or Kelli Grace
PO Box 9097
Toledo, OH 43697-9097

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