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Arvel Bird and One Nation
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Arvel Bird and One Nation was formed in May of 2006 when Arvel Bird's band joined forces with two former Brule musicians. Former Brule drummer John Lone Eagle, known to his fans as Eagle, joined Arvel Bird?s band. Another former Brule musician, guitarist Vlasis, also joined the band.

The music, while all have contributed, is centered around the heartbeat of ?Mother Earth?, Eagle's trademark drumming style and percussion, giving the new world beat sound and vibe.

Arvel Bird and One Nation features Arvel on violin, flute and vocals, Chris James on keyboards and vocals; Eagle on pow wow drum, traditional percussion and vocals; Vlasis on guitars and occasional guest musicians, as well. These four incredibly talented musicians and entertainers are collaborating on new music which developed from impromptu performances, jam sessions and a mutual desire to create something new and exciting together.

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Kimberly Kelley
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