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Virginia Buika "Queen.La.V"
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Virginia Buika is an Afro-Spanish singer and actress from Alcala de Henares, a city near Madrid.

Virginia Buika's love for music started at a very early age. Beginning at an accordion band at the tender age of eight years old, she toured around the hot spots of Madrid. As a early teenager she was member of a Spanish pop-girl band Four for one and member of a Gospel Choir in Madrid (Sheilla Cuffy). She worked as a backing singer for Spanish TV, backing artists like Latin singer Amparo Sandino.

Virginia Buika and The Mecanica band performed at the Ronnie Scott Caf? in London, giving her the credibility of a true versatile artist who can blend the different styles Jazz, salsa, Hip-Hop, Zouk-Makossa, Buleria, Pop...with the magic to enchant a all audience like you?ve never seen.

Leximan, Dee-tails (MN8), Grams, Eduardo del Prado (Edu), La Mecanica, Prodigal, Kuz...are some of the artists that have worked with Virginia Buika. She?s been performing throughout London (Koko, Rhythm Factory, The Collection, Nothing Hill Carnival, Ronnie Scott Cafe...) and got radio airplay throughout the British capital.

Virginia Buika is also credited as an actress in many productions for TV dramas, TV campaigns and feature films: Moves, takes two to tango, Doritos, Dixons, Orange phone, El comisario, Hermanas, Menudo es mi padre, Pesadilla para un rico in the UK and other countries abroad, Israel, Spain, Portugal.

Her dancing abilities have lead her to perform on top music videos such as West Life, Suga Babes, Black Dog Yard. She is also been profiled in magazines such as Cinemania, Tele Indiscreta, London Extra, London Flyer, Heritage Magazine, and Musica musica.

Her company, Buika Productions, is a London-based production company that has produced her recordings in unison with the hottest producer on the African-Spanish-R&B scene, Pepe Dougan, who is credited for working with artists like Kim Masiel Soul to Soul, Luis Miguel, Orishas, Marta Sanchez, and Beatriz Luengo.

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