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Arhai was created in 1998. Its music embodies unique fusion of different genres: ambient sound and traditional music of the Balkans combined with elements of jazz improvisation. These elements are integrated through skillful authorship of Jovana Backovic, group's leader who is about to graduate composition at the Belgrade 's Academy of music. She is the composer and arranger of all pieces that Arhai performs. Due to this specific fusion of sounds, Arhai's music is usually listed within the broad genre of world music.

There are ten musicians in the ensemble. Classical flute, violoncello and piano together bring the ambiental quality of sound, while percussions, drums, electric and bass guitar modernize the music that was purely acoustic in the beginning. There are also four female vocals, whose style of singing represents sound of Balkans' tradition in Arhai's music.

The most important characteristic of Arhai's music is that is completely "live", whereas mixture of genres and instrument's colors make Arhai unique. Musicians have different backgrounds and experiences (classical music, jazz & blues, traditional music), but their different approaches to music and balance between them is exactly that what inspires author's music.

The first international success of Arhai was the 1 st prize at Balkan Youth festival ( Greece , 2003), also the 1 st prize at festival "Terminal00" Slovenia, 2005.

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Mysterion ( 2006 )


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