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From traditional son and guaguanco to salsa and the contemporary ballad, Asere is proof that the future of Cuban music is in very safe hands. Respectful of the musical forefathers yet forward looking, in Asere the son tradition is dressed up in baseball caps and trainers, an expression of young urban Cuba. Inventive songwriting and arrangements build a fresh, profound and acoustic sound for a new generation.

Asere is a group of young musicians who came together to play traditional Cuban son. Their career took off when, on visiting Cuba in 1996, the Colombian singer Toto La Momposina came across this new band and was immediately struck by their energy, rich songwriting and powerful delivery.

Soon after Asere recorded their debut album Cuban Soul live in an old radio theatre in Habana. The production team set out to capture the sweetness of their soulful son and the power of their more uptempo rhythms which are more akin in style to the tough salsa of the 70s. The Yo Soy El Son album followed soon after further consolidating the band's reputation at the vanguard of contemporary son.

Comfortable with classical son, respectful of their musical forefathers and yet keen to step into the future, in Asere we find the son tradition dressed up in baseball caps and trainers, an expression of young urban Cuba, these musicians seeking to develop the music through their inventive songwriting and arrangements, building a fresh sound for a new generation.

Since 1998 Asere have performed constantly across Europe (including more than 100 shows in the UK) impressing many with their dynamic show and infectious energy. They have also celebrated their versatility performing with Toto la Momposina in 1999, with the legendary drummer Billy Cobham and as the backing band for Papa Noel's Bana Congo project in 2002.

Asere?s new album, Destinos, marks a new chapter in their musical development. In it they celebrate their cultural brotherhood with people across the Caribbean basin as well as making connections with musicians on other continents. Theirs is an unmistakably Cuban perspective with a profound, acoustic sound.

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