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Art Lee, renowned artist and performer of the Japanese art form known as taiko, is the first person in the world ever to obtain an artist visa to teach taiko and lead the life of a professional taiko artist in Japan.

On October 15th, 2005, Art won First Place in the Solo Odaiko section of the most prestigious and renowned taiko contest in the World - The Tokyo International Wadaiko Contest...and is the only person outside of Japan to ever do so.

Before becoming a solo artist in 2001, he was a featured performer with groups including one of the top taiko groups in the world, Ondekoza. He has also composed music for various events within Japan and abroad, including the 2002 Beijing World Music Festival and theme pieces for 2005 World Music Forum in Taipei.

Utilizing his extensive training in both traditional and modern taiko techniques, he continues to perform all over the world, as well as teach in both English and Japanese to taiko enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

In addition to his teaching and solo performing schedule, he is the resident instructor of Koihime Daiko, as well as the leader and Artistic Director of his own group, Wadaiko Ensemble TOKARA. He trains and performs with other groups, including African Drumming Group, ASAKUI, and Korean SamulNori Group Noripan. He is also a member and part-time instructor with Grandmaster Daihachi Oguchi and Osuwa Daiko.

Among his many disciplines of the art, he has become most widely known for his Odaiko solos, and his unique style and solo while performing on the drum sideways, called Yokomen-uchi.

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Tokara Office: 831-1 Kega, Iida-city, Nagano-ken 395-0813 Japan tel: 81-265-59-8768

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