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Amir ElSaffar
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Amir ElSaffar, born in 1977, is an acclaimed classical and jazz trumpet player who in recent years has delved into a completely different musical tradition, that of his ancestral past, the Iraqi Maqam. This journey took him to Iraq and other countries throughout the Middle East, where he encountered several masters of the Iraqi Maqam and learned to sing the Maqam and play the santoor, a hammered-dulcimer native to Iraq.

He has performed Iraqi Maqam nationally and internationally, including the cities of New York, Boston, Chicago, Minneapolis, Bloomington, IN, Montreal, Cairo, Beirut and London. Hamid Al-Saaidi, Amir's teacher, who is considered by many to be the best living Maqam singer, regards Amir as one of the important carriers of this tradition in his generation, and has said "Amir is a great addition to the Maqam...he is preserving the true essence of this music."

He is a member of the Chalghi ElSaffar Ensemble.

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