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One of the only Russian rock bands to nurse out a sound that resists an easy comparison with a Western source, Auktyon are consistently and wholly original. They are a legend in their homeland and a cult band in continental Europe where they spend half of their time on tour.

Their sound constantly changes. Their format includes assorted percussion, a multi-reed player, a trumpeter, and a tuba-player. The band approaches the tight jazzy arrangements of Charles Mingus or Radiohead's Kid A.

They've traveled from psycho theatrics to lo-fi trickery to Beck and back, but with the constant presence of vocalist Lenya Fedorov's voice, the fret buzz, the tragicomic horns, and the bizarre stage presence of clowning percussionist Garkusha, they are quite simply one of the most compelling bands out of Russia today.


Вернись в Сорренто - Return to Sorrento (1986)

Д'Обсервер - D'Observer (1986)

Как я стал предателем - How I Became A Traitor (1989)

В Багдаде все спокойно - All Quiet in Baghdad (1989)

Жопа - Asshole (1990)

Бодун - Hangover (1991)

Птица - Bird (1993)

Аукцыон - Auktyon (1995)

Это мама - It's Mum (2002)

MP3 Collection, 2 CDs (2003)

Пионер - Pioneer (2006)

Девушки поют - Girls Sing (2007)

Юла - Top (2011

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