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The name comes from the novel 'The Unicorn' by Manuel Múgica, that takes place on a mythical island ­Avalon-, situated between Scotland and Ireland, which is inhabited by fairies that guard the tomb of King Arthur.

After staging a series of original theatrical representations of Galician culture, four of the people involved decided to go even further. Counting with the collaboration of 2 violinists, they began to play their first concerts.

Originally, Avalon's music was directed towards a Medieval style and in its concerts the band played pieces like the cantigas Santa María 179 and 159 by Alfonso X the Wise, Regis Perennis, and the Cantigas II and III by Martin Codax.

After three years of live concerts, there is clear proof of the evolution of tAvalon's style and its way of putting on a show.

The band's repertory is large and varied, ranging from traditional pieces arranged by the group to Medieval music, or its own compositions in which different tastes and styles converge, creating strong emotions and sensations.

This mix of different styles: traditional, classical, soul, pop and jazz makes one doubt as to whether it is really Folk music. Avalon has its own essence, its own flavor, which is very different to the rest of Galician bands. 

One of the original aspects of Avalon is that it only uses acoustic instruments, which might appear to be a limitation, but the band manages to sound energetic and joyous, encouraging the audience to participate by singing along and dancing.

Despite the fact that the group is still quite young, Avalon has received great acclaim from a varied audience at its live performances. 

Xela Conde - Flutes  
Patricia Hermida - Guitar and voice  
Marta Barrecheguren - Violin  
Macarena Montesinos - Cello
Catuxa Arenaz - Violin  
Belén Leis - Percussion  

Official Web Site: http://www.Avalon-folk.com

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