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Armand Ntep is both a unique vocalist and a prolific composer. His vocal talent is broad in terms of octave and style from silky baritone croon to pygmy-inspired syncopation to tender tenor ballads. His compositions run the gamut from salsa to hip-hop to traditional "lihongo" from his native Cameroon.

Since arriving in the U.S. in 2000, Armand has performed as guest artist on two albums by Shahin (in 2001 and late 2004). He also began doing voice-over work, most notably for a National Geographic Ultimate Explorer show about Liberia.

A collaboration with a group of jazz musicians led to a series of acclaimed performances with the Afro Jazz Explosion, a group that blends straight ahead jazz with African influences for an exciting blend.

In 2004, Armand performed in a series of original works titled "Evolution", created by guitarist John Kamman, which blended chamber music and jazz. Finally, work on his CD led to the formation of The Armand Ntep Band, dedicated to showcasing Armand's own rich compositions and vocal versatility.

Armand released his new CD titled Bantuphonic in May 2004.


Bantuphonic (2004)

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