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For Baka Beyond, global fusion is a way of life. In 1992, Martin Cradick & Su Hart visited and played with the Baka people in the Cameroon rainforest. The resulting group pioneered the Afro-Celt groove, and five albums later (four for Joe Boyd's Hannibal label), Baka Beyond is a collaborative music process, learned from the Baka people - 'everyone to be listened to'.

Baka Beyond is an ever-evolving project involving musicians from five countries in West & Central Africa and Europe. The African players, every one an acknowledged virtuoso with a parallel career in their own right, meet the Northern European traditions where Martin, Su, and Breton fiddle maestro Paddy Le Mercier learned their music. Over the years, they have got to know each other and each other's way of working Baka Beyond live or in the studio is a living lesson in communication, in passing the energy round.

The relationship with the Baka themselves grows closer by the year. Regular return visits keep the inspiration strong, but have also kept Martin &Su in touch with what is needed for them to survive and preserve their culture. Royalties due for the gift of a rhythm or a tune are distributed among the musicians' communities and for projects in association with charities such as the World Rainforest Movement. The group themselves are also heavily involved in cultural and environmental education in Britain.


Spirit of the Forest (Hannibal Records HNCD 1377, 1993)
The Meeting Pool (Hannibal Records HNCD 1388, 1995)
Journey Between (Hannibal Records HNCD 1415, 1998)
Sogo (Hannibal Records HNCD 1450, 2000)
East to West (March Hare Music MAHA CD18/USA: Narada 43725, 2003)
Rhythm Tree (2005)
Baka Live (2007)
Beyond the Forest (2009)

Management: March Hare Music, Martin Cradick,
4 Thomas Street, Bath BA1 5NW, UK. Phone/fax: +44 1225 331636. E-mail:

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  • USA, Patt Garrett, 520 647 3851
  • Rest of World, Dave McCrory, OTB Productions *44 (0)1225 331636

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