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Askar Alakbarov
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Born in 1953 in Ganja (Azerbaijan) Askar Alakbarov studied music in Ganja Technical Music. Later he studied at College Music Academy of Azerbaijan folkloric instruments such as ud and tar.

At the present time he works as professor at the High Music Institute of Damascus specializing in ud and buzuk.

He has received several awards in his life for his work and is also a very recognized author of some important music publications such as: The role of Classic Oriental Maqams in the Esthetic Education of students, Selection for Oud and Piano 1, The school of playing Oud, Selection for Oud and Piano 2. He has also recorded several albums: Classic music of Azerbaijan Oud & Tar, Classic music of Azerbaijan and Oriental Maqams Oud & Tar, and Oriental Maqams- Oud & Bouzuka.

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