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Anna Mhoireach - (Anna Murray), from the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides is an exceptionally talented young piper and arranger. She plays lively Scottish folk tunes played on the Highland pipes and the beautiful Scottish small pipes, accompanied by modern instruments.

Anna was brought up in Back on the Isle of Lewis. She learned from a young age to sing in her native language of Gaelic and started to play the Highland pipes at ten. She plays the Scottish small pipes, the Highland pipes and is a noted Gaelic singer. Her last recording lnto Indigo was listed as one of the top ten folk albums of the year (1997) in Mojo Magazine. The release of her third recording Tri Nithean - Three Things coincided with her performance at Celtic Connections 2000 in Glasgow.


Out of the Blue (Lochshore, 1994)

lnto Indigo (Lochshore, 1997)

Tri Nithean - Three Things (Lochshore CDLDL1293, 2000)

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