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Anatol Stefanet
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He began his career as a folk musician (viola) at the age of 12. Later he joined the most outstanding folk music orchestra in the country, Lautarii, and toured round Europe, South America and the US. He played with Gheorghe Zamfir in his tour of Germany and Romania. A couple of years later he founded Trigon jazz-folk trio.Stefanet has worked as director of a folk music orchestra and also as a jazz musician. In 1996 he participated in the Black Sea Orchestra project with Okay Temiz, Enver Izmailov, Alex Alexandrov, Floros Floridis, Zurab Gognidze, Ivo Papazov, and Harry Tavityan (Istanbul, Turkey)


L'art du bratsch (Buda Records 92596, 1994)

L'art du bratsch , vol. 2 (Buda Records 92708-2, 1997)

Musiques du Monde collection

Anatol Stefanet - bratsch solo (Cinq planetes CP 022992, 1998)

With Trigon trio:

The Moldovan Wedding in Jazz (Silex Y. 225.046, 1994)

Oglinda (Jaro 4215-2, 1998)

Free-gone (Boheme Music, 2000)

The voice of my earth (Green Hours Records, 2001)

With Black Sea Orchestra:

Black Sea Project (Lyra ML 0660, 1998)

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