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Son of Spanish immigrants that left behind fascism in the 50's to start a new life in Australian democracy. He started playing the Spanish guitar at the age of 10 in a musical environment based on traditional Spanish music and the Australian 1970s rock and pop scene.

When Franco died and democracy was reinstalled in Spain the family returned to Barcelona. In time he became an active player in the Barcelona music scene successfully achieving with his first band being selected as finalist at the yearly held festival of the "Spanish Ministerio de Asuntos Sociales" in Ibiza, 1989, where promising new jazz artists are awarded.

In 1989 he was accepted by Berklee College of Music, Boston (U.S.A), graduating in Commercial Arranging in 1992 under the supervision of Grammy award winner Robert Freedman. In the following years his career as a guitarist and composer went in up rise.

Hired in 1993 by Bogota's (Colombia) recording studio, Sincrosonido, as composer and arranger for their Latin American production services.

He then moved back to Spain and just kept on going strong touring France for four years on the Europe Connection Projects culminating in a series of commissions by The Liverpool Institute for the Performing Arts and The National Arts Lottery Council to write a 50 minute suite called the Immigrant and the commission to write the book on Arranging and Composition , "El Arreglo, Un Puzzle de Expresion musical", by the Spanish Society of Authors.

His experience has been sought in the educational field as lecturer of the Universidad Internacional Menedez Pelayo, as part time teacher at Paul Mc Cartney's Liverpool Institute for the Performings Arts and as lecturer at the L'Aula de Musica Moderna i Jazz of The Barcelona Liceo Conservatory.

In 2000 he decided to settle down in Barcelona.

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El Deseo (Ottomani, 2000)

Espacio (Ottomani, 2001)

Juego de Almas (Ottomani, 2003)

Barcelona Music
Ronda Universidad 11, 4?1?
08007 barcelona , Spain

El arreglo un puzzle de expresion musical. 600 page Text book on arranging, composition , and sounds for modern bands.

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