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Peter Nyitrai and Hannah Berger in Budapest,1998. Initially they were engaged in a fairly traditional style of Turkish folk music which is represented by Musa Eroglu, Arif Sag, Muhlis Akarsu and Asik Veysel in Turkey. "At the same time, in the course of
our journeys throughout Turkey we got acquainted with the musical world which we have taken as basis of the pieces of music and adaptations the current group perform

 Playing music and singing in their friends' company both in Turkey and in the Turkish community living in Hungary helped the group a lot in making itself familiar with the traditional style. "In our folk-music-adaptations we aspire to preserve the authentic image of folk-songs, mainly considering the singing-style and saz- baglama-play. Our pieces are based on tradition supplemented by the individual improvisations of the members of the group."

The particular sound of Arasinda arose from mingling authentic Turkish folk with ethno-jazz.

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Askin Sarabi / The Wine of Love (2002)

Ne olursan ol/ Whoever You Are (2003)

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