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Arif Khan
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Arif khan was born on the 16th of March 1986. As a child prodigy in a family of great musicians whose heritage goes back to the 11th century A.D of 'Mir Akasa' lineage.

Arif is one of the youngest amongst the renowned tabla players of India, and at a young age his incredible dexterity, richness, superb tonal quality and maturity surprise any listener or connoisseur of music of the same time. His father, Ustad Sabir Khan; his grandfather, the late Ustad Karamatullah Khan; and his great-grandfather, the late Ustad Masit Khan, are the most celebrated tabla maestros in the history of Indian Classical Music.

Arif belongs to the famous 'Farukkabad Gharana' which was cofounded by the late Haji Ustad Vilayat Hussain Khan Sahab. Arif is the 34th descendent of this unbroken lineage. He is also blessed to have the Kirana gharana from the part of his mother, Begum Farida Khan, the daughter of the legendary maestro late Ustad Fayyaz Ahmed Khan.

Arif Khan received intensive rigorous Talim from his father from the age of 2. At the age of 6 his first remarkable performance was an unforgettable one, in which he gave his solo performance with Ustad Sabir Khan at Behala (Calcutta) in front of thousands of people.  Since then he has been performing classical and fusion music in various countries like Bangladesh, U.S.A, Germany, etc. He has also performed with Ustad Amjad Ali Khan and Pandit Tarun Bhattacharya, to name a few.


1) "The youngest tabla player of the country" from The Rotary Club (Bangladesh)
2) "Aftab-e-tabla", from Azmaish (Bombay)
3) Awarded by Bhowani Sangeet Sammelan (2000-2001)
4) Awarded by the Malda Sangeet Samiti. (2003)
5) Awarded by the Jadubhatta Music Conference. (2001)
6) Awarded by the Bombay Academy of Music and Arts

Arif has always tried to achieve a new height and a totally new dimension in music keeping in mind the unique style of his gharana. Apart from being just a classical tabla player he has also tried to enhance his versatility in music by performing different kinds of music e.g. Fusion, Jazz and also Commercial music. Arif has experimented his musical talent by giving a background score in a short documentary film in Mumbai. He has also developed a new talent as an actor and has acted in two documentary movies.

Official Web Site:

Arif Khan
c/o ustad Sabir Khan,
16 Ripon Lane,
Elliott Road (near Ghalib bar)
West Bengal,
Phone: +:(91) 33 2217 1096
Fax: +(91) 33 2461 4181

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