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Aryan Rahmanian was born in 1976 in Iran. He started singing at the early age of twelve. Encouraged by his mother, Aryan started his musical education at the age of fifteen. He studied the vocal Radif with several distinguished singers and masters of the Radif including Nasr allah-i Nasihpoor and Moohsin Kiramati. At the same time, he studied with Mansur Sinaki from whom he learned the Tar. Aryan continued his study of Persian music with master Mohammad Reza Lotfi. Aryan is deeply inspired by several undisputed masters of Persian classical singing such as Muhammad Reza Shajarian, Taj Isfahani, Banan, Ghavami, and Zaeli.

Aryan's first professional performance was in 1993 at Razi High School in Tehran. Since then, he has performed in many musical festivals and concerts in Iran and abroad, including the International Festival of Traditional and Classical Music in Vienna, the annual Conference of Iranian Cultural Heritage in Chicago, the Iranian Center of Tennessee, and various college campuses in California.

His performances have been broadcasted by Radio Payam-i Doost (Washington DC), the Iranian Radio of Nashville, and the KPFA in Berkeley. Aryan studied history and music at University of California, Berkeley and is writing a book about Persian classical music. He is the singer of the Ney Davoud Ensemble and holds vocal classes at the Tar School, an educational center of teaching traditional Iranian music in northern California.

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