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Ariacorte plays contemporary arrangements of the traditional music from the Lower Salento region of Italy. The band’s show travels through the mythical world of the  taranta, using the  frenetic and obsessive rhythms of the pizzica-pizzica and pizzica-tarantata.

The band: 

Rocco Borlizzi: tamburello, tammorra, vocals

Gino Cerfeda: electric guitar, vocals

Alessandra Caiulo: castanet, tamburello, and vocals

Antonio Palma: rhythm guitar, vocals

Giacomo Corvaglia: tamburello, tammorra, darbuka, bendir

Biagio De Francesco: electric bass, mandolin, guitar, and harmonica

with guest musician: Claudio Prima: diatonic accordion, vocals

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Taranzando (Blomd Records, 2003)

Francesco Corvaglia. Phone: + 328.6226010/329.7974179. E-mail: