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Aramirè, Compagnia di Musica Salentina (Band of Salentine Music) is known for playing the infectious and irresistible pizzica.

Aramirè, a noted leader of this revival, plays all types of traditional Salentine music. The latest CD, SudEst, contains fifteen songs, some sung in Griko, the Greek dialect still spoken in many towns of this region. The CD includes melancholy and bawdy love songs, work songs, a cappella songs, and several pizziche including a twelve minute Pizzica con violino.

Since 1996, Aramirè has been touring throughout Europe and the US. Roberto Raheli, lead vocalist and violinist, conducted workshops on Salentine music and drumming in New York City in 2000, and again in 2002, along with members of the band.

Edizioni Aramirè, the publishing arm of Aramirè Compagnia di Musica Salentina, publishes beautifully packaged CD's of historic field recordings from their distinguished archive, which include booklets of commentary and lyrics in Italian, dialect, and English. They also publish books about their Salentine music and dance traditions and tarantismo.


Roberto Raheli - voice, flute, harmonica and violin

Mauro Toma - guitar and voice

Raffaele Passiante - voice and percussion

Stefania Morciano - voice

Roberto Corciulo - accordion and voice

Samuele Tommasi - tambourine

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SudEst (Compagnia di Musica Salentina, 2001)