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A member of the Lou people of Western Kenya, Ayub Ogada plays the traditional lyre of his tribe, the nyatiti. Alongside this instrument, Ayub uses his warm and sensual voice to create a close bond between himself and the audience to expose social issues.

Ayub Ogada was born in Mombasa on the coast of Kenya. At the age of six he accompanied his father, who was studying medicine in the United States, and his mother when they took their musical act on tour. When he returned to Kenya, he attended a Catholic school, and then an English boarding school. This education and his outstanding ability with percussion led him to a position with the French Cultural Centre in Nairobi, composing modern and traditional music for productions.

In 1979, Ayub co-founded the African Heritage Band; after six years, two albums and several lucrative movie roles, he decided to move on. Ayub found himself in the UK in 1986, where he was quickly snapped up by London's African music set. For a time, Ayub played with Taxi Pata Pata, along with guitarist Zak Sikobe, who is also from Kenya.

A multi-talented artist, Ogada has also acted in the film Out of Africa opposite Robert Redford, and also in the films The Kitchen Toto and The Color Purple. He was part of Peter Gabriel?s Secret World Tour in 1993. Ayub toured as support artist with The Drummers of Burundi throughout Australia, Spain and the UK in 1999.


En Mana Kuoyo (Real World Records 62335, 1997)

Sunyata (1997)

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