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Over the last three decades, Asleep at the Wheel has kept the distinctly American art form of Western Swing not only alive, but thriving, in spite of the continual homogenization of mainstream country music.

Lead vocalist Ray Benson muses on the bands longevity, "Every time that I figured I was going to quit, we'd have a wonderful, incredible show where the people were so appreciative that we were doing this music that it's like 'Well, hell; this beats working, so why not keep doing it'"

Since their beginnings in Paw Paw West Virginia in 1970, Asleep at the Wheel has won nine Grammy Awards, been a staple of the venerable country showcase Austin City Limits, worked with guest artists including Garth Brooks, Vince Gill, Merle Haggard, Lyle Lovett, Willie Nelson, Dolly Parton and Shawn Colvin, and have put over 3 million miles on their old tour bus.

The group is currently based in Austin, Texas.


Comin' Right At Ya (United Artists UALA 038F, 1973)

Texas Gold (Capitol ST 11441, 1975)

Wheelin' And Dealin' (Capitol ST 11546, 1976)

The Wheel (Capitol ST 11620, 1977)

Collision Course (Capitol SW 11726, 1978)

Served Live (Capitol ST - 1, 1979)

Tribute To The Music Of Bob Wills (Liberty 81470, 1993)

Still Swingin' (Liberty 30284, 1994)

The Wheel Keeps On Rollin' (Capitol 31280, 1995)

Asleep At The Wheel (Epic KE - 33097, 1974)

Ten (Epic FE - 40681, 1987)

Western Standard Time (Epic FE - 44213, 1988)

The Swingin' Best (Epic EK - 53049, 1992)

Back To The Future Now (Epic EK - 67981, 1999)

Framed (MCA 5131, 1980)

Keepin' Me Up Nights (Arista 8550, 1989)

Live And Kickin' (Arista 18698, 1992)

Super Hits (Arista 18883, 1999)

Pasture Prime (Demon FIEND - 044, 1985)

Swing Time (Sony Music A - 22634, 1992)

The Best Of Asleep At The Wheel (Cema 57000, 1993)

Merry Texas Christmas Y'all (High Street 10355, 1997)

Ride With Bob (Dreamworks 50117, 1999

Take Me Back To Tulsa (Evangeline 4059, 2003)

Live At Billy Bob's Texas (Smith Music 5023, 2003)

Remembers The Alamo (Shout Factory 31133, 2003)

Live from Austin TX (2006)

Reinventing the Wheel (2007)

Santa Loves to Boogie (2007)

It's a Good Day (2010)

Miles and Miles of Texas (2012)

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