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Anna Saeki made her debut with Tango Primavera and the single Tango of the Yellow Rose. She was a member of the esteemed Leopoldo Frederico Orchestra in 1988, the Sexteto Tango in 1989 and the Jose Colangelo Orchestra in 1990, as vocalist.

Anna continues to build a firm foundation for herself through those first 3 years as a tango singer. She also studied tango dance with professional dancers from Argentina with the musical orchestra, and thus mastered the true art of tango with her heart and soul.

Ms. Saeki's Spanish is clear and to the point. Her exquisite linguistic talent was further demonstrated in Salsa, as she was the lead singer of the salsa band Orquesta del Sol until 2001. In 1997, she arrived to New York and recorded the Besame Mucho with producer Sergio George. She has played an integral part in the explosion of Latin music in Japan.

In 1999, Ms. Saeki released her album Soul of Tango and began to perform regularly in Japan, New York, Los Angeles, Paris, London, Hawaii and Beijing. Her album Canto de Sirena (The Mermaid's Song), is a mix of new tango; which fuses Piazzolla repertoire and her originals, released in the fall of 2003.


Tango Primavera (1987)

Rhapsody In Rain (1989)

Standard Tango (1990)

Besame Mucho (1997)

Soul of Tango (1999)

Canto de Sirena (The Mermaid's Song) (2003)

Omoi (2003)

Negau (2005)

Concierto de Anna Clasica (2007)

Concierto de Anna Moderna (2007)

Tango Clasico Y Moderno (2008)

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