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Vallarna   (Spain)
Vas   (United States of America)
Vasen   (Sweden)
Vasti "Vast Eye" Jackson   (United States of America)
Vayo Raimondo   (Uruguay)
Verdell Primeaux &Johnny Mike   (United States of America)
Vicente Amigo   (Spain)
Victor Prieto Trio   (United States of America)
Vijay Jagtap   (United Kingdom)
Vilma Diaz y La Sonora   (United States of America)
Vinx   (United States of America)
Virginia Buika "Queen.La.V"   (United Kingdom)
Virsky Ukrainian National Dance Company   (Ukraine)
Virtual Strangers   (United Kingdom)
Vitali Maembe & The Spirits   (Tanzania)
Vusa Mkhaya   (Zimbabwe)

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