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Thomas Blondet - Futureworld
Thomas Blondet – Futureworld
Thomas Blondet

Futureworld (Rhythm & Culture Music, 2014)

Futureworld is one of the most exciting albums I’ve heard so far in 2014. It’s the latest recording by Washington, DC DJ/producer, Thomas Blondet. Futureworld showcases global electronica or world music-infused electronic dance music (EDM) at its best.

The album is packed with irresistible electronic beats and fabulous guest appearances, representing a wide range of cross-pollinating musical influences: Jamaican dub, Middle Eastern melodies, Indian music, Balkan tunes, etc.

Although the entire recording deserves attention, highlights include the outstanding opening track ‘Chan Ve’ where Jamaican reggae legend Monsoon meets the Indian vocals of Tina M. Track 2 is equally remarkable. It has a Natacha Atlas air to it, with beautiful Arabic melodies and the Spanish language vocals of Carol C (of SiSe). Other goodies include ‘Dil Da Jahi’ with Tina M, and the unexpected electro-Croatian sounds of ‘Savo Vodo’ featuring Fillip Novosel.

Overall, Futureworld presents first-rate electronic dance music and dub with a global flavor.

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