A World Beneath The Ocean

Rahul Sharma - Samandar
Rahul Sharma – Samandar
Rahul Sharma

Samandar (Music Today, 2006)

Samandar is all about life beneath the ocean. About the colors of the sea,” according to santoor virtuoso Rahul Sharma. The underwater is like another world, with its own life, myths and mysteries. The mystifying and unexplored depths of the ocean run far and deep in the imagination of our minds.

The six tracks tell the musical story of the very fascinating species and people of the ocean, with a blend of santoor and contemporary electronica. Our picks on “Samandar – A World Beneath The Ocean” include “Curse of the Mermaid” and “Legends of the Sea Goddess.”

Rahul Sharma is the son of santoor great Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma.

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