Charming Collection of Devotional Songs

Manika Kaur - Satnam Waheguru
Manika Kaur – Satnam Waheguru
Manika Kaur

Satnam Waheguru (Invincible Recordings, 2014)

Manika Kaur’s latest recording, Satnam Waheguru has had a very good reception in yoga and Punjabi circles. Satnam Waheguru features the lovely voice of Australian-born, Dubai-based vocalist Manika Kaur. She performs a collection of very ear friendly praise songs with a Punjabi feel.

The production is clearly made for an international audience, removing the energy of Punjabi music to make it appealing to new age music fans and yoga practitioners.

On Satnam Waheguru Manika Kaur’s gorgeous device delivers a charming collection of devotional Sikh songs.

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