Essential Cape Verdean Album Reissued

Titina - Canta B. Leza
Titina – Canta B. Leza

Canta B. Leza (Sterns STCD3064, 2013)

Titina, one of the great singers from Cape Verde, recorded Canta B. Leza about 25 years ago, as a tribute to B. Leza (1905 on 1958). Francisco Xavier da Cruz, better known as B. Leza, was a well-known poet and one of the essential composers of traditional Cape Verdean songs. Titina’s original album is available again re-mastered and re-packaged to celebrate its 25th anniversary.

Titina grew up in the town of Mindelo in Cape Verde. B. Leza was her neighbor and from the age of four Titina visited him, watching him at work. She demonstrated such interest that soon B. Leza sat Titina in his lap and began teaching her how to sing his songs.

At 15, Titina started recording singles by Cape Verde’s greatest songwriters. In 1988 she felt ready to record a selection of recordings by B. Leza. The new 2013 edition of Canta B. Lezawas prepared by Astral Music in partnership with Titina.

The musical arrangements have much in common with the sound you will find in Cesaria Evora’s recordings. This is no coincidence. Canta B. Leza was produced and arranged by Paulino Vieira who also produced and arranged some of Cesaria Evora’s recordings. So if you miss Cesaria’s music, you will definitely enjoy Titina’s music.

The lineup includes Titina on vocals; Paulino Vieira on violin, piano, percussion, harmonica, cavaquinho; Armando Tito on guitar; Toi Vieira on cavaquinho, percussion; Luis Morais on clarinet, flute; Ventura, Oliva and Paula on violins.

Canta B. Leza is a seductive and stimulating album by one of the finest voices from Cape Verde.

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