Vallenato Star Diomedes Díaz Dies at 56

Diomedes Díaz
Diomedes Díaz
Diomedes Díaz, vallenato’s leading performer and one of the top selling vallenato artists in Colombia died December 22, 2013 at his home in Valledupar. He was also known as ‘El Cacique de la Junta’ and ‘El Cantor de Carrizal.’

Diomedes Díaz was born in San Juan del Cesar, Colombia on May 26, 1957. He was a singer-songwriter who wrote and performed many vallenato hits that became popular in Colombia and Venezuela. Diomedes Díaz had 300 hit songs, sold over 15 million recordings and won numerous gold and platinum albums.

Some of his most popular songs include “Tres canciones”, “Bonita”, “Mi primera cana” and “Sin ti.” Diomedes Díaz’s hits also included songs written by other composers such as “Sin medir distancias”, “Tú eres la reina”, “Amarte más no puedo”, “Todo es para ti”, “Lo más bonito”, “Lluvia de verano”, “La Juntera.”

He won a Latin Grammy in the Cumbia/Vallenato category in 2010 with his album Listo pa’ la foto. The album featured prominent accordion player Álvaro (“Alvarito”) López.


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