Superior Accordion Work from Giuliano Gabriele

Giuliano Gabriele - Melodeonia
Giuliano Gabriele – Melodeonia
Giuliano Gabriele

Melodeonia (self release, 2013)

Melodeonia is the debut album by Italian musician Giuliano Gabriele. Although he is best known as an organetto (accordion) player, Gabriele also plays zampogna (pipes) and percussion. He explores the vibrant traditional folk music of southern Italy and combines it with modern sounds and global music influences.

Giuliano Gabriele’s band includes Lucia Cremonesi on viola and violin; Eduardo Vessella on drums and percussion; Gianfranco De Lisi on bass; Gianmarco Gabriele on drum set, programing; and Giovanni Aquino: acoustic guitar.

The guests featured are: Giuliano Campoli on ciaramella (small woodwind), zampogna;
Federica Santoro on Calabrian lira (a type of lute); Alessandro Tombesi on Celtic and Tirolian harps; Massimo Giuntini on uilleann pipes; Luca Turchet on ghironda (hurdy gurdy); and Giuseppe Grassi on mandola

Highlights include a great instrumental titled ‘Ballata del Sole’ where the accordion engages with the violin and the ciaramella; the slow tempo ‘Tammu’ with a fabulous toe-tapping tambourine and bass beat that provide support to fine accordion and violin interaction; and the waltz ‘Melodeonia’ that brings together accordion, harp and violin.

Melodeonia is an outstanding first recording by the talented and passionate accordionist Giuliano Gabriele.

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