Digital Folk Explorations from Argentina

Tremor - Proa
Tremor – Proa

Proa (Wonderwheel Recordings, 2013)

Tremor is an exploratory music trio from Argentina that combines the melodies and rhythms of the South American nation and the rest of the globe with glitch electronic music. Tremor is not about a steady dance beat or trance music, but rather a maker of folk-rooted musical collages or vignettes that morph constantly.

On Proa you’ll find the familiar charango (a small South American guitar) as well as the traditional bombo leguero drum (an Argentine drum Santiago del Estero province) along with a wide range of electronic beats and effects. The inspiration comes from carnavalito music, coplas, ritmo de saya, vidalas, chacareras, and other folkloric genres from Argentina.

Band members include Leonardo Martinelli on charango, ronroco, guitars, synthesizers, sachaguitarra, kazoo, bombo legüero, vocals; Gerardo Farez on synthesizers, bombo legüero, snare drum, kazoo, vocals; and Camilo Carabajal on bombo legüero, snare drum and caja.

Proa showcases the vibrant crosscultural sounds of modern Argentina, combining the tradition with current day electronics.

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