Famed Vallenato Composer and Guitarist Juan Francisco Mindiola Dies at 82

Composer and guitarist Juan Francisco Mindiola Arias, a leading figure in Colombian vallenato music, died August 30th, 2013.

Juan Francisco Mindiola Arias was born in Atanquez (Colombia) on October 14, 1930. He was the founder of legendary group Los Kankuis.

During his long life, he stood out as guitarist, composer and founder of the vallenato group Los Kankuis. Among his most important musical achievements is ‘Gavilán Atánquero’, recorded by los Hermanos Zuleta,” said Rodolfo Molina Araujo, executive president of Fundación Festival de la Leyenda Vallenata. “Don Juan Francisco left a great musical legacy to his children. Several of them, Julio, Rubén, José Agustín and Calixto ‘El Cali’ Mindiola, have continued his musical line by carrying forward this famous group of guitarists who perform real vallenato.”


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