Etran Finatawa co-Founder Bagui Bouga Dies in Switzerland

Bagui Bouga
Bagui Bouga
Wodaabe singer Bagui Bouga, one of the founders of Nigerien desert blues band Etran Finatawa died August 2nd, 2013 in Switzerland after a severe asthma attack.

Bagui has been a philosopher, a nomad. He knew so well his culture and he enjoyed sharing his knowledge of his cultural heritage with many people,” said Etran Finatawa manager Sandra Vanedig. “We will miss him for his music, for his art, his inspiration, intellectual exchange. His capacities, his compassion, his sensitivity were unique. He left us too early.”

Etran Finatawa combines the rich nomadic cultures of the Tuareg and Wodaabe people from the West African country of Niger, a region that for thousands of years has served as a crossroads between the Arabs and Berbers of North Africa and the sub-Saharan traditions.

Etran Finatawa blends traditional instruments with electric guitars, combining the polyphonic songs of the Wodaabe people with modern arrangements.

More about the band at Etran Finatawa


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