The Magical Gypsy Worlds of Southern Spain

Various Artists - Flamenco: Son del Sur
Various Artists – Flamenco: Son del Sur

Flamenco: Son del Sur (EMI Hemisphere, 1998)

This is a pretty compilation of flamenco music by Hemisphere, though some of the tracks have a ‘pop’ feel and the sequencing could have been much better. The 15 tracks make for almost an hour of fine evening listening. Our favorite track is the upbeat Arrebato’s Tu Y Yo, and we also recommend Tomatito’s Alejandria with its fine vocals and guitar riffs.

Other artists who stand out in this compilation are Amina and Pepe Habichuela. In sum, a good introduction to contemporary flamenco music, though there are better compilations which transport you to the magical gypsy worlds of southern Spain.

Flamenco: Son del Sur


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