Riveting Mix of Electronics and Guinean Music

Analog Players Society - CKY to JFK
Analog Players Society – CKY to JFK
Analog Players Society

CKY to JFK (2013)

CKY to JFK is a four track EP by Brooklyn-based Analog Players Society. It’s a set of effectively crafted collaborations between West African traditional music with electronics. In this occasion, producer and DJ Amon brought musicians from the country of Guinea to his The Hook Studio.

The first piece is “Coule’ba”, where engaging electronic basslines and percussion join the guitar lick and the formidable vocals of Missia Saran Diabate, a popular Guinean vocalist who is currently based in New York City.

“Korosi” introduces call-and-response vocals by Petite Conde and Missia Saran Diabate, along with a horn section, electronic beats and Highlife-style guitar.

Famoro Dioubate’s balaphone plays the leading role in track 3, “Moula.” The mesmerizing melodies are supported by vocals by Missia Saran Diabate and synthetic drums. Track four is another version of “Coule’ba”.

Analog Players Society’s previous recording was the well-received album titled Hurricane Season In Brooklyn.

CKY to JFK is a riveting mix of traditional griot music from Guinea and cutting edge dance floor electronics.

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