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Sylvain Barou - Dónal Lunny - Pádraig Rynne - Triad
Sylvain Barou – Dónal Lunny – Pádraig Rynne – Triad
Sylvain Barou ~ Dónal Lunny ~ Pádraig Rynne

Triad (Rlb Records, 2013)

Three Celtic music master instrumentalists get together on Triad to present one of the finest recordings of contemporary folk from the Celtic lands released in recent months.

Triad features a combination of traditional and new contemporary pieces rooted in Irish, Breton, Swedish and Eastern European folk music. The Irish component dominates the album with recreations of traditional jigs and original pieces by Pádraig Rynne and Dónal Lunny.

Multi-instrumentalist and trailblazer Dónal Lunny is one of the greatest Irish musicians alive. He is a founding member of seminal bands such as Planxty, The Bothy Band, Moving Hearts and Coolfin.

Concertina virtuoso Pádraig Rynne is a well-respected musician in Ireland. He is a founding member of Guidewires and is involved in many cutting-edge projects. He is also engaged in many fusion collaborations.

Sylvain Barou is one of Brittany’s finest musicians. He is a skilled performer of flutes, tin whistle and uilleann pipes. In January 2012 Barou released his critically acclaimed first solo album, Sylvain Barou. He is also a founding member of Irish band Guidewires and has worked with some of the best musicians in Brittany, Ireland and India.

The three musicians perform music that is engaging, virtuosic and beautifully melodic. You are treated to perfectly synchronized ensemble pieces as well as masterful interactions and exquisite solos.

The three musicians venture easily outside the Irish music borders with delightful interpretations of music from Brittany, Macedonia and Sweden.

Guests included in the album are: John McSherry on Uilleann Pipes, Jacques Pellen on 12 string guitar, and Tóla Custy on fiddle

If you are fan of great acoustic music rooted in tradition, this outstanding album belongs in your collection.



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