Guitarist Amir John Haddad presents Music Video “Punta y Tacón”

Amir John Haddad

Amir John Haddad

Flamenco guitarist and world music multi-instrumentalist Amir John Haddad has a new music video titled “Punta y Tacón”. The piece is part of his new solo album titled “9 Guitarras”.

In this album, John Haddad adds Greek bouzouki and Arabic ud to the mix. The album features an impressive lineup of flamenco musicians, including María Carmona (vocals), Joaquín Ruiz (dance), Raúl Márquez (violin), Kike Terrón (percussion), Aleix Tobías (percussion), Pablo Martin Jones (percussion), Jesús Mañeru (drums), Sebastián Rubio (percussion), Peter Oteo (bajo), Josemi Garzón (bass) and Tom Auffahrt (bass).

Amir John Haddad is a current member of renowned world fusion band Zoobazar. Previous bands include the famed Radio Tarifa.

Buy the MP3s: 9 Guitarras


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