David Arkenstone’s Symphonic Adventure Takes You Under the Sea

David Arkenstone & Charlee Brooks - Lovéren
David Arkenstone & Charlee Brooks – Lovéren
David Arkenstone & Charlee Brooks

Lovéren (QDV Records, 2013)

David Arkenstone’s latest recording is part of a multimedia project based on a mermaid love story. On this occasion, Arkenstone is joined by the lovely voice of Charlee Brooks. Those familiar with David Arkenstone’s new age albums and orchestral soundtracks will immediately recognize his melodic style.

Musically, Lovéren is very cinematic and will appeal to fans of Hollywood fantasy films. Charlee Brooks is clearly influenced by Enya and will also attract fans of the light classical singers such as Andrea Bocelli. She is at her best when she goes ethereal as her voice gains more personality and mystery to the music.

Lovéren is an original work by Arkenstone. The story takes place under the sea and Brooks sings the role of Lovéren mainly in an aquatic language, Mermish, which she was inspired to imagine for the underwater romance.

The live presentation of the show includes the acrobatics of Cirque de la Symphonie, an orchestra, choir, costumes, digital lighting and special effects, Celtic dancers and instrumentalists and percussionists, including soloists Karen Briggs (violin), Eric Rigler (piper) and John Serrie (keyboards).

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